Gift Card

Gift Card

Choosing a gift may not be easy. To help you ensure you make the right choice, we present you with a new way to offer fashion.


The Zolf Gift Card is a gift card to which you can allocate an amount that can be used at The person to whom you offer it will be able to choose what they like best from all the proposals available in the online store.

1. Seleciona o montante desejado. Podes escolher a quantia de 25€, 40€, 60€ e 100€
2. Choose the recipient of your gift and he will receive a confirmation code in his email instantly.
3. O Gift Card Zolf é válido durante um ano a partir da data do e-mail de confirmação de envio.

You can also receive/send the Zolf Gift Card in physical format. To do this, just tell us the address of the recipient of the gift or if you prefer yours.

Check the general conditions of use here.

DATA FOR PHYSICAL CARD (After card purchase)

    Recipient's address*