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Romantic dinner: Valentine's Day that never fails

When we think of Valentine's Day we always end up thinking in a romantic candlelight dinner. And if this is your partner's favorite program, then it's time to surprise her with the restaurant. At ZOLF we gathered some options for all tastes, from the restaurant itself to the menu. There are suggestions matching everyone and we're sure it will exceed your expectations.


Castas & Pratos

More than a simple restaurant, Castas & Pratos is also a Wine Bar, Lounge and Wine Shop. Located in Peso da Régua, in the heart of Douro, you can find many options of fish, meat and vegetarian dishes and also an excellent wine cellar.


Varanda da Estrela

For the ones who love to feel the culture and popular tradition, Varanda da Estrela is a mandatory stop. With a rustic decor, matching the traditional style of its location, there you can taste many typical dishes.


Taska Lusa

For the ones that love portuguese gastronomy, Taska Lusa, in Estoril, will easily become one of your favorite restaurants. Located at just 5 minutes away from Tamariz Beach, this place combines the best flavours from see and land.


William Restaurante

If you're in Madeira Island for Valentine's Day, take notes of this restaurants name: William. With a sight over sea and carefully made dishes by Chef Luís Pestana, in this Michelin star restaurant, the excellence is guaranteed.


Restaurante Terra Nostra

It's in Terra Nostra Garden Hotel that is our restaurant suggestion if you're visiting Azores. A restaurant that reunites the best dishes and wines from the region, in a place that combines nature and refinement.

And if you choose to follow any of our recommendations, we leave you some products to match.