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#zolfdiscover: Aveiro

Today #zolfdiscover welcomes a new city. Known for its art nouveau buildings, Aveiro is the city of colorful houses, moliceiros and ovos moles. Its unique natural and urban landscape makes Aveiro a must-visit city.

que visitar?

Costa Nova Houses

There is no way to think of Aveiro without thinking of the colorful houses by the beach. The famous Palheiros da Costa Nova with green, blue, red and yellow stripes on the outside are emblematic and if you're looking for a pleasant walk, this is the ideal place.

Infante Dom Pedro Park

Aveiro's City Park, also known as Infante Dom Pedro Park, is a space of trees with lakes and fountains, perfect for more peaceful walks. In this garden, the avenue of lime trees, the bandstand, the library and the Tea House stand out.

aveiro salt flats

The salt flats of Aveiro are one of the main points of the city's history. In the 1960s there were around 270 production navies producing around 95,000 tons/year. There are currently only 7 active navies and it is possible to take a guided tour to learn about the history of this tradition.


Where to eat?

Casa do Pescado

It's at Cais dos Mercantéis, next to Mercado do Peixe, that we can find Cais do Pescado. The menu is based on fresh fish and seafood and the privileged view of the Aveiro estuary makes this a restaurant to visit!

where to stay?

Hotel Aveiro Palace

Located in a historic building overlooking the central canal, the Hotel Aveiro Palace stands out for its architecture and the art of hospitality. The hotel's iconic forefront was designed by the prestigious architect Ernesto Korrodi and is the ideal option for an overnight stay in the city.

don't miss!

Sail in a Moliceiro

Sailing on a moliceiro boat and enjoying the view of the city is an experience you really have to live! There are many boats available and the trips, usually lasting 30 minutes, are entitled to a guide who will tell you the whole history of the city.

Taste ovos moles de Aveiro

Ovos moles de Aveiro are a typical sweet of the city and a true tourist icon. The wafer stuffed with egg jam delights visitors and is a real success in Aveiro.

Walk on Barra Beach

Barra beach is located next to the mouth of the Ria de Aveiro and from this beautiful beach you can watch the entry and exit of fishing boats. The wall walks are a great plan for an afternoon in Aveiro.

Visiting Aveiro requires a comfortable and practical look. Jeans and sneakers are almost mandatory and nothing like a white shirt and a knitted sweater for the missing touch of elegance!