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#zolffinds: Guimarães

In this new section, we're going to take a short tour of some Portuguese cities, leaving you with valuable tips on what to visit, where to stay and what you really can't miss.
Due to its obvious importance for ZOLF, the first city could not be any other: Guimarães!

que visitar?

Historic Center

UNESCO World Heritage since 2001, the Historic Center of Guimarães is the true medieval preservation in an increasingly modernized city. Strolling through the narrow streets and Largo da Oliveira is to glimpse the houses and buildings typical of medieval times and constructions of great heritage value.

Penha Mountain

For nature lovers, the Penha Mountain is a mandatory stop. Just 5km from the city center, you can find a landscape of pure beauty where the pedestrian paths, boulders, caves, viewpoints and even the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Penha stand out.

Guimarães Castle

There is no way to visit this city and not visit Guimarães Castle! Inevitably linked to the origins of Portugal, namely the Battle of S. Mamede in 1128, this monument from Guimarães is now part of the 7 Wonders of Portugal.


Where to eat?


With an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, at NORMA you can find typical Portuguese flavors prepared in an original and refined way.

A cozinha

For those looking for a Michelin-star dining experience, a Cozinha is the restaurant to choose. A space of tradition and innovation in the heart of the city by the hands of Chef António Loureiro.

Restaurante 34

It's in the center of Guimarães that we find 34. With an informal atmosphere and walls full of foliage, here you will be able to delight yourself with countless contrasts of colors, textures and flavors.

where to stay?


It's just a 5-minute walk from the Historic Center that we find the Santa Luzia Arthotel. This 4-star hotel combines comfort and modernity and its location in one of the oldest streets in the city is one of its greatest virtues.

don't miss!

watch a show at the jordão theater

Recently refurbished, Teatro Jordão is a true icon of the city culture. If you visit Guimarães, make sure you take some time out to watch a show in this historic space.

ride the cable car

Guimarães cable car connects the city center to the Penha Mountain and is a great way to get there, which is a must-see! The trip, which takes about 10 minutes, is made under nature and provides a fantastic landscape.

taste tortas de guimarães

Those who visit Guimarães (really) have to taste the greatest specialty of Guimarães sweets: Tortas de Guimarães! A crispy pastry stuffed with chila jam, eggs and almonds that promises to delight everyone who tastes it.

visit zolf store

And if you're in Guimarães, there's still one last mandatory stop: ZOLF store! We're at Rua de Santo António, at the center of the city, with the premium quality and personalized service that you are used to.

Guimarães is a city that is mostly visited waking. That's why it's important to choose a practical and comfortable look! Even so, its history calls for a touch of elegance. This is the ZOLF' suggestion: